The Oil & Gas power supply industry is a technically challenging market. The effect of downtime, be it through maintenance, safety of otherwise is an inability to deliver the resource. Hazardous area 1, explosion proof solutions, are an indicator of ability. Deployed for many years, the powering in this field of application ensures that the decision to shut off the extraction of the resource is met unconditionally. SCHAEFER GmbH Germany continues to provide the power supplies with robust & reliable solutions for this market. With the expertise of design matched by the control and manufacturing process, compliance to the Client specification is met, tested & seen to be so by the Client‘s engineering staff.

  • For installation in explosive environments (hazardous area 1)

  • Allowing the failure of a single power supply, not affecting the controlled output

  • The overall power supply unit is housed within a certified Exd enclosure

  • An Exe enclosure being attached to the Exd enclosure contains all terminations, operator indications and switches

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