The subsea power supply is a hugely demanding market. To gain access to the equipment deployed calls for a huge investment of time & resources. There are many who seem to understand the results, but not the preparation. SCHAEFER GmbH Germany has engineered solutions that have been placed at the sea fl oor to detect tsunami producing conditions. Calling for the highest level of reliability, working as a grid, and with cables that reach over 100km, the power system acts as it needs under all circumstances the environment asks of it. Redundant, reliable, maintenance free power delivered to the early warning system.

  • Input voltage 1200V DC up to 2450V DC (nominal)
  • Output voltage required, 380V DC (300 – 400V DC calibration range)
  • N+1 redundant concept
  • Galvanic isolation
  • High level of reliability
  • Turn-key customised design with full mechanical integration
  • Increased mechanical strength

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