SCHAEFER is actively developing and applying innovative technologies to manage seismic and electromagnetic challenges of the clientele requirements and constantly strives to develop new technology solutions to marine seismic acquisition. Especially this 360kW expandable power supply system has been developped to assist the oil industry in the search of oil reserves via electromagnetic streamer process demanding a high level of safety and reliability for continuous operation off-shore.

  • Liquid cooled current source up to 2500 A with high dynamic regulation properties

  • Modular, N+1 redundant concept via 30 kW single modules with Master/Slave configuration

  • Automatic polarity switch-over device rated for 2500A supplying an inductive see-cable

  • Signals transmission between the modules for communication and regulation via fiber optic

  • Pluggable electrical and water connections for fast unit’s removal on board

  • Turn-key customised design with full integration incl. water cooled system

  • CAN/Ethernet interface for control and monitoring of electrical parameters

  • Supervision and diagnostic software
  • Enhanced mechanical integration

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