Implementation of the Whistleblower Protection Act at Schäfer Elektronik GmbH

Schäfer Elektronik GmbH has set up a reporting system for compliance violations (legal violations). Compliance violations are well-founded indications of suspected violations of the law or rule violations. These include, for example:

  • Potential bribery offences
  • Fraud offences
  • Antitrust violations
  • Data Protection Violations and Security in Information Technology
  • Violations of financial law and accounting
  • Violations of competition law
  • Discrimination or violation of accounting rules
  • Violations of occupational health and safety, environmental protection or working time laws


With our reporting system, we want to offer employees, suppliers and external stakeholders the opportunity to report legal or regulatory violations. To this end, we have set up an internal reporting office and appointed a whistleblower protection officer.

You can send information to the e-mail address: . The mailbox is managed exclusively by the whistleblower protection officer.

Please describe the facts of the case in as much detail as possible and state your name in the written report. In this way, we assure you of absolute confidentiality. Your data will remain anonymous in the further proceedings and will not be disclosed. Your data will only be made public during the procedure with your written consent.

The whistleblower protection officer will then take the necessary steps to clarify the situation. Upon receipt of your report, you will receive feedback to take note of it and finally also feedback on your report.