8kVA DC/AC inverter for on-board power network

Additional Information

Rail is a greener and safer mode of transport, so it’s no surprise that our railway has seen passenger numbers increase continuously in the past decades. Therefore a constant upgrade of the railway infrastructure is needed. With our experience and the exceeding flexibility of designing customized systems SCHAEFER can offer its clientele this inverter system for on-board power networks.

Some More Info

  • Input voltage range of 340 – 640V DC
  • Input polarity protection for DC input
  • Spike supression by a varistor across the input lines (internal)
  • Design for use in harsh industrial environment:
  • Ruggedised mechanically for shock and vibration
  • Wall mounting design
  • High efficiency design: typically 85 percent
  • Tropical protection
  • Series diode protects the module against DC input voltage of wrong polarity

Project information sheet