300kW ultra fast charging station for electrical busses

Additional Information

The Arctic Whisper e-Traction bus is billed as the world’s first fast-charged hybrid bus. Its developers say it combines the zero local emissions benefits of an electric bus with the reliability of a diesel…

The Busbaar – charging station provided by Opbrid is located at one end of an Umea bus route and fast charges the bus for a few minutes at the end of each trip, thus extending the all-electric range of the e-Traction hybrid bus to 18 hours. And, since this is a serial hybrid bus with a backup diesel generator, the bus can continue running on diesel or bio-diesel in case of brown-outs, traffic jams, or very cold  eather…The 300kW charging station developped by SCHAEFER allows the ultra fast charging in 3-10 min of Lithium Ion Batteries on board of these electrical busses successfully tested in Umea (Sweden) in the “Artic-Whisper” prototype busses.

Some More Info

  • Modular and expandable power capability
  • N+1 redundancy concept: fully redundant & fault tolerant
  • Output voltages available up to 1000 V
  • Control and adjustability of electrical parameter
  • Easy system expandability up to 1 MW by adding additional fully wired 100 kW enclosures
  • Use of standard industrial power modules with proven design up to 40 kW
  • Operation at extreme low temperature up to -40°C
  • Additional customised options CAN/Modbus Interface
  • Customisation of system for individual requirements

Project information sheet