May 2020

Information about the COVID-19 situation: 

It appears that which was unconscionable only a few weeks ago is now in full swing. The COVID-19 Pandemic has without doubt placed a hitherto unseen burden on all of us. Here at SCHAEFER we are fully attentive of the demands that this has placed on a local and global level. The health and wellbeing of all of us is our upper most priority. As a result, we have implemented various measures taken to protect our employees, clients, suppliers, forwarders and service providers. Thanks to these protective measures including reorganization of working procedures, we continue to support our clients in the way that continue to be the trademark of SCHAEFER and are available to help in any request that you may have. We are looking forward to you!


Take care and stay healthy!

Featured products: 5kW and 10kW High Dynamic Power Supplies for Harsh Industrial Applications

  • Laser Industry: Pulse or injection locked lasers
  • Welding Industry: Micro electronic beam-, seam- & spot welding
  • Industrial Automation: Cutting or drilling processes
  • Radar Systems