400kW Charger for aircraft starter system

Additional Information

SCHAEFER GmbH Germany designed, manufactured & produced this 400kW battery charger system for one of the world’s third-largest maker of aircraft engines, which has also major businesses in the marine
propulsion and energy sectors. Serving this market form its concept design to the present day, high power solutions for this exacting industry has been firmly met with an equally reliable design. Quality engineering matched to client’s design parameters.

Some More Info

  • Thyristor-controlled battery charger systems with 3-phase input
  • 290V DC Power Supply System
  • Dual 700A configuration
  • For a highly inductive turbine load
  • Constant current & voltage operation
  • Industrial grade components
  • Tropical protection & high level of humidity protection
  • Concise & clear indication panels on front doors
  • Digital & analogue voltmeter display for DC input (battery voltage) on front doors
  • Unit ON/OFF switch

Project information sheet