3MW converter system for wind turbines

Additional Information

Minute by minute, the world is growing. Economic development and increased attention to sustainability means the world needs a steady supply of cleaner, reliable power. SCHAEFER continuously stays a step
ahead, driving cutting-edge wind turbine technology.

Some More Info

  • liquid cooled power system for wind turbines with permanent magnet synchronous generator
  • power enclosure equipped with AC/DC converters & plug-in power stacks
  • elemental design for maximum client integration flexibility with 2 vertical levels
  • IP 54, salt water resistant
  • several interfaces to give setpoints to an externally excited synchronous generator
  • IGBT inverter with step-up converter for generator and grid control
  • Optical fiber link from control unit to power stacks to avoid EMC interferences
  • modular system with plug-in power stacks

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