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The increasing level of industrial automation in the manufacturing industry requires reliability ensuring a regulated DC or AC power supply during operation, and especially in case of malfunction.The different series of SCHAEFER units are designed and optimized for industrial automation and represent an important link in the energy supply. Wide range DC inputs, as well as single- or three-phase AC inputs of modules allow a diversified use. Depending on the type of module, the specifications include extended temperature ranges, flat designs, parallel operation of modules or hazardous area approvals for the process industry.

By default, all devices are designed with electronic current limiting, overvoltage protection and continuous short circuit protection.

Optionally, the modules can be expanded as follows:

  • Inrush current limiting
  • Reverse polarity protection for DC input
  • Decoupling diode for redundant / parallel operation
  • Active current sharing for parallel operation
  • Hot-pluggable solutions
  • Monitoring of input and output voltage
  • Output programmable
  • Power factor correction (PFC) for single phase input
  • Temperature compensated charging voltage
  • Automatic / manual selection of charging characteristics
  • Remote ON / OFF (inhibit)

By default, all modules will be offered as a 19? module or 19? sub-rack according to IP20.

Optionally, the modules can be expanded as follows:

  • Wall mount, chassis mount, DIN rail mount, 19? rack or customized design
  • Fan or liquid cooled
  • Mating connectors, wiring and monitoring instruments in accordance to the customers’ requirements
  • Digital or analog V- and A-meters
  • Monitoring & programming via potentiometer, analog signals or RS232 / IEEE488 interfaces
  • Designed for a high level of shock- and vibration
  • Tropical protection finish on all circuit boards and components to ensure an increased protection category to protect the module from extreme climatic conditions
  • Robust enclosure that can withstand wind, sun, salt water, dirt or dust.
  • Hermetically sealed enclosure for high protection category

To ensure a high reliability and quality of our power supplies, they have to pass through internal testing for high industrial requirements. Furthermore, they can be tested against increased shock and vibration resistance, as well as extreme environmental conditions. All components are selected according to criteria of durability, availability and performance. According to customer requirements national and international standards can be tested in cooperation with external laboratories.

By default, the following standards are met:

  • EN 50178
  • EN 60664-1
  • EN/ IEC 61010-2-201  /  EN/ IEC 61010-1
  • EN 61000-6-2
  • EN 61000-6-4
  • EN 55011 / EN 55022 class A
  • EN 61140

Optionally, our devices can be designed to meet among other things the following standards, approvals or certifications:

  • Standards according to customer specifications
  • UL, CSA, GL, …

Standard- & customized solutions