12kW battery charger for on-board application of a locomotive

Additional Information

Due to the difficult environmental conditions the transportation market trusts on SCHAEFER power supplies.
SCHAEFER has designed this charger line for optimal performance in one of the most demanding application areas – the railway industry.

Some More Info

  • Designed for several input mains
  • Signal Input Selection:
    1 x (200-250)V AC @ 3kW
    3 x 400V AC @ 6kW
    3 x 480V AC @ 12kW
  • Monitoring of output voltage & current
  • Secured design in case of overvoltage interruption/ interruption of sense or temperature sensor
  • Busbar connectors
  • Humidity: Up to 95% RH, non condensing
  • High efficiency at full load up to >85%
  • Encased module to provide protection from harsh environments

Project information sheet